Premises Equipment Voice Services

Bring Simplicity to Your Communications
with On-Premises Voice Solutions

equipment solution supported through a single point of contact.


Voice systems and equipment are often taken for granted until they’re outdated or broken. Don’t wait until your business communications grind to a halt. IP-based voice systems are simple to set up, change, move and update. Our solutions keep pace with the changing nature of your business.



Why iPing System Voice Services?

You know what’s best for your customers and when you partner with iPing System, you decide on custom voice solutions that solve your unique business challenges. Our custom solutions support the unique nature of your customers, data and employee needs defining the criteria for our solution design, implementation and management.

Without interrupting your operations, our team provides a voice network of your design that you control through a single point of contact.

  • End-to-End Voice Network Designed, Tested and Implemented to Your Standards
  • Single Point of Contact to Manage Entire Relationship—24/7 Support
  • Trusted Partner Providing Custom Communications Solutions
  • Integrated, Scalable Voice Solutions from Industry Leading Technology Providers

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